Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sagittarius For a Week

I'm conducting a new experiment that begins tonight. It's called "Being a Sagittarius For a Week."

I have always had Sag best friends who know how to have fun, chill the fuck out, and take life with a come-what-may attitude. I envy and admire them for these qualities.

So I decided over dinner (and 2 margaritas) that I need to try to take the Sag approach to life. I suspect that this will be a short-term experiment, as I am too uptight and outcome-oriented to carry on this charade (pronounced Sha-Rahd) for very long. A week seems do-able though.

So here's a tip of my hat to all of the freewheeling Sag's whose bad attitudes I admire: Buddy, Liz, Double D, Lance, Paige, my grandmother Strickie, Keith Richards, Tina Turner, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Idol, Flip Wilson, Ellen Burstyn, Gregg Allman, Jim Morrison, Christina Aguilera, Milla Jovovich, Little Richard, Sinead O'Connor, Anna Nicole Smith, Billy Strayhorn and Marisa Tomei.

Bottoms up, bitches!



TheWeyrd1 said...

Good luck with that...heh.

Emuh said...

why do I get the sinking feeling this escapade will end with a bruised inner thigh and some jail time?

popgloss said...

Yea. I'm an uptight Cappie!!

Lydia said...

I think this is a cool idea. You are not too uptight to pull this off. I still love you in that TANG!

Big Mamma

Rachel said...

Go for it- I've had to abandon my sag nature in order to not fail and lose my TA position and decide what I really want to do in life. So someone better start living like a sag and preserve the cosmic balance!

Lydia said...

My God Karman, you do have a mind like a steel trap, not a sieve
(as I originally thought). I cannot believe you still remembered how I loved to watch Don Johnson lick his cigarettes -- hilarious. This is probably something no mother should tell her child -- ya think.

I wish I could buy the FONZ for you. You would be the "Happiest Girl in the Whole USA".


Yo Mamma

LizzyP said...

Ah yeah!! Bottoms up! LOL!